The tastiest color? Uh, orange, duh. Orange. You wake up in the morning to the giant orange in the sky, shining its tastiness all over the world. Seeing the orange makes you want to eat, thus, breakfast was invented. As you make your way downstairs from your bedroom you rub your eyes and head to the kitchen. You sit down at the table and what does your mother hand you? A plump orange! (Now you are getting it.) The yummy explosion of tantalizing juiciness from that orange orange simply cannot be trumped by any means known to mankind. Now you go to school. Eww. But all through the day you are motivated by the giant orange in the sky to keep going. Its sheer size and delightfulness cover your skin, and that, my friends, is tasty. When the giant orange sets and hides its glories from the world, when it gets dark and no colors are visible, when I can’t see my hand two inches from my face, what do we humans do? We go to sleep. Why? Scientists and researchers alike have tried to clutter this answer with useless logic and reason, but I know the real reason. We go to sleep because orange isn’t there to fill us with its profound, and oh, so tasty beauty.

The tastiest color in my opinion would have to be beige. This is because so many good foods are beige. One good beige food is bread. Italian bread and French Baguette are my favorite breads that are beige. A second good food that is beige is pasta. There are all kinds of pasta that are beige like Fettuccini, Ravioli, Lasagna, Spaghetti, Penne, Rotini, Farfalle, and Manicotti. Another good beige food is Vanilla Ice Cream. Also Cookies like chocolate chip and sugar all taste very good. The next beige food that is scrumptious is tortilla chips. And yet another good food that is beige is chicken. Chicken wings, legs, and breasts are all very good. Also there is good beige seafood like clams, mussels, crabs, lobsters, and oysters. Still more good beige food includes pancakes and waffles. Crepes are also great beige food. The next beige food that tastes wonderful is Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. There are also some good beige spices like Garlic, Ginger, Sesame Seed and Rosemary. Also Egg Nog is very good and beige. All of these foods are beige and they are all very tasty. That is why Beige is my choice to be the tastiest color.

As I was pondering what color is the tastiest, I peered through the window and observed the luminous golden sun gleaming down on my paper, which influenced me to pick yellow as the tastiest color. The sun provides every organism the energy to survive, but what is better, is the feeling that I get on a warm summer day walking on the beach. The sun is shining down on me, permeating through my skin, almost as if the sun and I morphed to become one. I continue walking down the beach as I feel each golden speck of sand weaving its way between my toes as smoothly as oil dripping down Kirk’s valves. How could yellow not be the tastiest color when a trumpet is yellow? (or brass colored) When I press down the valves, everything else seems to disappear because music is that powerful. In fact, all the cool instruments (aka NOT flutes and clarinets) are yellow, for a good reason. They are not yellow because they are cool instruments, but rather, these certain instruments are cool because they are yellow. The person who invented these instruments had enough common sense to know that the most scrumptious color is yellow, therefore he made the trumpet and other instruments delectable, delicious, lip smacking, mouthwatering yellow. We mustn’t forget that Mr. Rubber Ducky is yellow, thus it is undeniable that yellow is the tastiest color.

The tastiest color in the vast spectrum of colors is obviously yellow. Yellow reminds me of the sun, and the sun radiates warmth, just as a warm bowl of ham and bean soup radiates warmth from your stomach. Yellow also reminds me of The Sound of Music when the characters sing “Re, a drop of golden sun…” A drop of golden sun sounds like a tasty dessert. The color yellow also reminds me of honey. Honey, with its super-duper sweet flavor and viscose consistency, also makes for a delightful snack. Finally, yellow reminds me of cornbread. Cornbread, the king of all breads, is even better when combined with honey. Yellow, a color insinuating warmth and sunshine, clearly trumps other colors in regards to tastiness. Other colors can be instantly disqualified from the contest of tastiest color. One such color, green, only represents dull vegetables and bland plants lacking any flavor. A color such as black would only make one think of ashes and that burnt turkey you were forced to eat on Thanksgiving when your mom ruined the holiday dinner. Brown, equally displeasing to the taste buds, only reminds one of mud and dirt—foods that only a measly earth worm would find appealing.

Yellow is the yummiest color, hands down. I know we all think about yellow for about two thirds of our lifetime. For example, when we sit in class, we inadvertently glare out the window and what we are all actually thinking about is the sun; we all wish we could eat the lip-smacking yellow sun. That is what everyone thinks, everyone, kids, babies, adults, dogs, old people, but never confess. That is precisely why I’m here, a greater and bolder species to extend on the yellow color. I speak in behalf of America and a part of Zimbabwe when I say that at night, we dream of a creamy, buttery yellow universe where everything would taste like cream cheese. Cream cheese – that is the ultimate taste of yellow. I would know, because once I ate the neck hole of my yellow sweater but then my teacher told me I was behaving like an animal and consequently sent me to the zoo. I called my parents to help me break out of there but they agreed with my teacher. They were the fools though, because I made great friends with the lions and some yellow reptiles. There is something about the divine cheesy goodness, and that is why I created the YYY (Yellow Yiddish Yogurt).

If colors had flavors Blue would win. Fact. What’s better than blue skies and oceans? The color of Jasmines jumpsuit or whatever it is that she wears? BLUE! Ok, I’m sorry, moving back in the direction of food…jolly ranchers! Delicious…if theyare blue! This one summer a few years ago I went to this Amish place and we picked blueberries…not only a great memory but when we got home we made blueberry buckle…can you say delicious? I’m a big chocolate lover but man that thing blew chocolate out of the water! Blue is also one of Americas colors…also the best flavor on the red white and blue rocket shaped Popsicle All you people who went to not blue the tastiest of all cotton candy flavors?!I think I’ve proven my point, blue is not only the most pleasing to the eye but, also to thepalette!

Of all the infinite possible colors in the world, ranging from charcoal grey to eggshell white, from turquois blue to fire red, what color could be considered the tastiest? This seems an impossible question for anyone not under the influence of mood-altering substances or with synesthesia. But, through color association, I believe none comes nearly as close in imagined tastiness than the color brown. What color do kids first look for in their bags of Halloween candy? Brown! Not red or blue or, worst of all, yellow, but brown, the color that promises a wave of chocolaty goodness in reward for their Trick-or-Treating. What M&M obviously seems to have the richest flavor? Brown. But, what do people think when red comes into their mind? Apples. Apples are overrated. They make me nauseous. What about yellow? Bananas? Bananas are alright for the first few bites, but then the flavor gets annoying. What food do you think of when you think brown? Chocolate! Chocolate covered stuff! Chocolate flavored stuff! But only that rich, deep brown, unlike sepia or “raw sienna”. I mean “raw umber” brown, citrine brown, or even dark mahogany. Maybe, dare I say, Pullman Brown, the original color of the Pullman Railroad Company, now trademarked for UPS trucks; a beautiful, rich brown, evoking memories of hot chocolate and candy (and hopefully not the Pullman Strike). Hands down, the best and only choice for the tastiest color is brown.

The tastiest color is, regretabley to some, brown. Brown? You might scoff at the mere mention at such a bland and drab color. Brown is not bright, nor is it the color you begged your parents to paint your room as. But, brown is in fact the tastiest of all colors. What color is the delectable delight known as chocolate? Brown. What color are the cocoa beans? Brown. What about the earth it was grown in? Brown. The color brown produces brown delacacies! A spectacle such as this, as astonishing and fantastically amazing as it is, seems to be underappreciated. Consider, even lighter shades of brown. Breads, croissants, cookies, Coca Cola (or Pepsi, whatever side you're on), shish-ka-bobs, well-cooked bacon, etc. Are all these examples not clearly some shade of brown? Brown may not be a gorgeous and particularilly recognized member of the color wheel, but it provides endless comforting emotions. When your BFF (let's dub her Felicia) Felicia has just broken up with Fernando*, what does she spend four hours eating her feelings with? Chocolate! What color is chocolate? Brown. How about when good ol' wide reciever Johnny wants to bulk up and be a man he goes and eats some of that meat? What is the manliest food? Meat! What color is meat? Brown! You can never go wrong with the delicous, crunchy, creamy, soft, juicy, warm, and simply delectable color of brown. None of the other colors within the color spectrum can boast such a wide variety of delcious foods, when it comes to edible colors, brown is the explicitly obvious choice.

*names are changed for the protection of person in question

The tastiest color is red for many reasons: a shiny red apple glistens with morning dew as it hangs delicately from a tree, awaiting its victim. The loud crunch of the first bite envelops your mouth as the deep red meets your lips; never falling short of the sweet sensational taste that curls your senses. Rosy lips stay unbroken on a young girl’s porcelain face sheer with virginity, untouched until marriage. The soft blush of a girl, who takes pride in her beauty, but not advantage, steals all the men’s hearts. A juicy strawberry takes precedence over any other fruit, teasing you with its sweetness, or a tomato perfectly complimenting a salad. When the red sun rises in the morning, it automatically stirs hunger in your stomach, reminding you of the sensational crimson fruits and vegetables demanding your attention. Not only do they serve your hunger, but they leave you a mouthwatering exhilaration of ruby red taste.

The tastiest color known to the human eye is white. White appears in many forms; from food to precipitation to paper to imagination. White is popcorn before gallons of saturated fat gets drizzled on it. White is the color of snow before a black Labrador passes by on his evening walk. White is the liquid that comes from a cow, giving kids stronger bones and muscles to be able to fall on the playground and be unscathed. White primer covers up the horrible pink paint from the old couple who lived in a suburban home before a young couple moves in and paints it black. Friendly clouds appear as white, constantly changing shapes and sending our minds reeling for which zoo creature it most closely resembles. Speaking of zoo animals, are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? White sends our minds reeling. White is the color of a car to a family who can’t agree on which shade of blue, gas guzzler they should buy. Dresses that brides traditionally wear on their special day as they enter the bonds of marriage come into sight down the rose- lined aisle as white. White represents purity and innocence on our nation’s banner. White are the spaces between lines on a music staff waiting to become part of a beautiful melody. Paper upon which brilliant thoughts are put into words is white. White is a blank canvas for an artist to form his creation… for all we know, that artist may be painting popcorn.
*Apparently that is the smallest the font would go, sorry! Anyways this is by....wait I'm not allowed to tell you. Mystery.

The tastiest color is yellow. Because yellow is bright and glowing, it explodes in your mouth with tremendous amounts of flavor. It is bitter, yet sweet and delicious at the same time. Yellow awakens the senses just like an alarm suddenly went off (and can clear the nasal passage as well). When one tastes yellow, it is as if the world has shattered and fallen into one million pieces from the sheer delight. Yellow is such and enjoyable and delectably tasty color that all over the world, people sell their belongings to get money just so they may experience the taste of yellow once in their lifetime. When it is tasted, the senses are on overload, almost as if on a soma vacation. One cannot move or even think because of the delight of tasting yellow. Yellow tastes like sunshine: warm, glowing, sweet, and stinging the eyes. Yellow makes the world complete. It can warm you from the inside out, starting with a warm tingling feeling traveling down one’s throat, into their stomach and through the entire body. It is a warm breeze that licks at one’s tingling skin. Tasting yellow is like throwing your head back and laughing until you pee (which is also yellow). Although there are many colors in the world, yellow is the only one that can affect a person so deeply, penetrating through the layers of their existence.

The best tasting colors in the universe are the colors of the rainbow. Every rainbow, made up of ROYGBIV is magically tasty and delicious. As everyone says "Taste the rainbow". I think the tastiest color is that of Red in Skittles. I cannot tell whether its strawberry or cherry but I like it for its entirety. I am a fan of the colors of the rainbow although I am not an advocate of gay rights whatsoever. In fact I don't even know why they claimed the rainbow as theirs. Come' on it's obviously just a refraction of light and also the point where Leprechaun's keep their gold. Red, one of the tastiest colors from skittles to M 'n Ms or Dots or whatever is always better than the rest. Slightly red is my preferred color of meat. When I see the sunset I see the color red looming just over the horizon. Red is the color of things that are fast; the chance of getting a ticket increases with a red car. Red is communism, where everyone is sharing and it's supposed to be happy. Red is the color of Alpha Plus in A Brave New World. Red lives vicariously through us all and is experienced in taste as debated as it may be; our tongues are red, giving the color red the most taste.

The tastiest color in this lovely world we live in is obviously green. According to the leprechauns’ Guide to Tasting Colors- green exceeds all other shades of the rainbow. Some people are skeptical and wonder- why in the world would I listen to a leprechaun when trying to come up with the tastiest color? Well, I would trust the leprechauns’ opinions, considering they deal with the rainbow just about everyday- with their gold delivering business, of course.
Interviewing Mr. O’Malley- the author of the book How I Discovered my Love for the Flavor Green- he explained, “I love the taste of green because of all the different shades of green and-“
“Excuse me, Mr. O’Malley-“, I had interrupted, “but could you please tell me some of the different foods that are green that taste good? I think that’s what our readers are really wondering.”
Mr. O’Malley’s eyes then burned like his red hair and for a moment I was concerned that the little man was going to attack but his anger subsided and he answered- very brusquely- “Why that’s a silly question. Everyone knows tasty foods that are green…like…well…you know…”
Well there you have it, folks. The yummiest, most satisfying color know to man/leprechaun is the color green.

The tastiest color is that deep luscious milk chocolate brown that we all know so well. The color of the milk chocolate Easter bunnies purchased for just about ten dollars at Malley's. Many would choose bright colors such as red, blue, green, orange, or yellow. These colors may look great but they have no substance, no life, no real natural flavor. These are popular colors found in suckers or blow pops, and sometimes bubble gum. The only truly delicious color is brown. Some may say that brown is a disgusting color, the same color of poop, dirt, or mud. Instead of thinking of poop when I see brown, I think of a delicious candy bar like a Snickers or a Milky way. Instead of thinking of dirt at the sight of this delightful color, I think of crushed up oreos or other chocolatey goodness. Finally, instead of thinking of mud when I see this favorable color, I think of one of the greatest delights known to man kind, the chocolate pudding cup. I could go on for pages and pages describing other such chocolatey goodnesses and treats of the sort, but I feel that I have proved my point. In my humble opinion, it is clear that the goods outway the bads and that brown is, by far, the absolute most tastiest color!