Who's better: girls or guys?

I believe that no gender is superior over the other. Choosing between the two is like choosing between apples and oranges, cats and dogs, or sweet and salty. Multitudes of elementary girls would chase after me with crayola crayons for saying this but girls are no better than guys are. Of course, to perfectly understand each gender would be to live a thousand lifetimes in the shoes of each and therefore my sixteen year old impressions of each hardly come close to decent descriptions. Females are notoriously more emotional than males. A positive attribute? In sympathizing with a heartbroken friend or caring for a child who has scraped her knee, then yes. Emotion in this case provides comfort for others and yet emotion isn’t always positive. Females allow many little happenings bother them thus making them more vulnerable than males. Males are unaffected by petty social dramas but they may be oblivious to a friend who needs a comforting word to cheer them up. Stereotypical female interests, shoes and chocolate, versus stereotypical male interests, cars and sports, can’t be compared. In the end, for all the differences between genders there are similarities that make us truly equal. The need for family, friends, community, knowledge, aspirations, communication, music, and love connect both genders making choosing between the two just as impossible as choosing between apples and oranges.

Don’t get me started on this one. Boys are so much better than girls. You could go up to a boy and say “Hey, dude, your house just burned down, and your grandpa was just kidnapped by vampire Eskimos, and oh yeah a nuclear bomb is falling as we speak with its GPS coordinates preset for your head?” and the guy would say, “Oh…that stinks--could you pass me that last glazed donut?” And then you tell a girl that her hair has a split end, one split end, and she gets all sobby and crawls into the trunk of her car and doesn’t come out until fifteen people bang on the trunk and plead with her that her hair looks dazzling. And she’ll crawl out and say, “Don’t look at my hair,” and then people will look at her hair, and she will scream, “Why are you looking at my hair?” Meanwhile you can tell a guy, “Your hair is so ugly. And by the way—so are you.” And the guy will laugh and sneeze chocolate milk out of his nose and say, “Let’s have an ugly hair contest and I bet I will win.” And he won’t be content until he wins that contest—he’ll stick his head down a garbage disposal if he has to. Guys are so great.

To make a decision over whether guys or girls are better is difficult, because without one, we don’t have the other. Guys and girls are like fire and water, or yin and yang—guys and girls complement each other. Obviously, guys are better than girls at certain aspects of life and vice a versa. Guys are typically regarded as superior athletes, but I know a lot of girls that could out run me. Likewise, some people regard girls as more intelligent, but frankly I’m smarter than any girl I’ve ever met. But, as a guy, of course I’m going to favor guys over girls. Girls are notoriously over-dramatic, always fussing about this or that. Guys are able to shrug off these simple inconveniences. Girls may be friends one second and bitter enemies the next. The fact that all guys are friends may be hard for girls to understand, but it is part of Bro Code. Girls are also notorious over-spenders. A girl, on a Saturday shopping-spree, is liable to throw away hundreds of hard-earned dollars. For a guy like me, a pair of $15 jeans may last me years. Additionally, the number of hours that girls spend getting ready in the morning is simply ridiculous. Guys are more modest in this instance; a shower a day and some Old Spice are certainly enough for a guy. In the end, this whole question comes down to, “can’t live with them, can’t live without them”. Guys and girls are like yin and yang or fire and water—they exist together in nature. But, if girls were the water and guys were the fire, I would definitely choose fire.

By god, I should be saying that women are better then men, but I don't always feel that way. Men have it pretty good, I'd say. They can float through life on simple desires such as a lady, a TV, and food. Women, on the other hand, we need emotional satisfaction 24/7 and a number of other petty miniscule desires that should not even be on a top priority list. Ladies, consider your morning routine, how long does it take to look like a supermodel so that you can impress that cute guy in Geometry? Guys, how long does it take to put on clothes? Women have to devote endless hours to physical appearence while guys merely fish a T-shirt (or was that a sweater?) off the pile on the floor and skidaddle off to school. And if a woman lets her beauty meter fall, then the gossip buzzes in a matter of seconds all around the room: "Maybe they broke up?" "Did she get dressed in the dark?" "Would you look at her foundation! It's totally the wrong shade for her!" Girls, don't deny it, we all do it. Guys, well, that just never happens. When you're a guy, settling disputes is easy unless you're Monte Cristo. All you have to do is punch and kick, laugh, and move on with life. Girls, always adhering to a anonymous set of standards set thousands of years ago, devise intricate revenge plans that span over months, even years! Men think simply, act simply, and live simply. With no pain or much thought to anything somebody said about them and the like. Girls worry, nag, and freak out about everything ("She said WHAT about my hair?!?!") never stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I guess being a girl isn't so bad, but sometimes I like to chill with the dudes. They know how to chill.

Neither gender can be better than the other. You can’t have one without the other. Sure, they have their individual advantages, but the opposite surely has an equal one. For example, the woman traditionally is in charge of the home; the man, the business. But even these archaic stereotypes are dwindling; more and more women go out to the workforce, more and more men take control of the home. There is still a subtle distinction between the two, but it is currently at the thinnest point it has ever been at. In this century and in this country, there is almost no difference between them. However, some places have fallen behind and still assign certain social expectations to people based on their gender. We, living in America, where everyone is equal, know that this shouldn’t be the case. Men and women are equal. There’s no way that can be argued either direction. But it will go on, men will want to pretend they are better, women will pretend they are better. Whichever they choose is probably what they are. They like who they are and they have no experience being the other. People can argue all they want about which is better; no one would be right.

Who’s better: girls or guys? It is an interesting conundrum indeed. When posed with the problem, you must first try to be unbiased before considering the facts, which is a very difficult task in itself. Then you must proceed to examine the facts, the opinions and who they pertain to. Guys are more easy-going and imperturbable, whereas girls are more finicky and hard to please. Girls are also more compassionate while guys tend to be more insensitive and oblivious. Guys don’t care how they look, but girls must be the height of fashion. Girls are more complex, and guys are simpler. Guys are uninteresting and girls are more intriguing. Guys usually work for money while girls do the housework. All can be advantages and disadvantages depending on the opinion of the viewer. Really it is almost impossible to judge, because it is nearly impossible for the evaluator to be completely without biased. So when I am asked to answer this fascinating issue of great concern, I must truly answer that neither are better. This must be my answer because a world of all guys would be too simple and harsh, whereas a world made of only girls would be much too complex and confusing. This is why guys and girls are both equal.

Boys vs. girls, a competition that has been around as long as anyone can remember, it’s obvious that boys are better than girls. Boys are simple, anyone can figure out a boy, while a girl is the most complicated creature on this planet. In order to calm down an upset a teenage boy (which doesn’t happen nearly as much) all you need to do is find him some food every couple of hours. Girls on the other hand, they need a lot more work, they need to call all of their girlfriends and discuss it. For instance, when you’re buying a birthday gift for someone it can be tough. Although if it’s a guy, then it couldn’t be easier, you just get him a football or videogame. Girls on the other hand, they require much more work, you need to set up an algebraic equation. It’s usually, (age) squared multiplied by the month their half birthday is divided by her zodiac sign. Once you have this figured out then it narrows down the possible gift opportunities. Then you have to factor in the location you will be giving the gift to them. To me, this just sounds like a lot of work for a gift that should be so simple as it is with boys.

When I read this question, my insides scream "GIRLS! GIRLS ARE SO MUCH BETTER!" so loudly my whole body vibrates, but the more I think about it, the less I tend to agree with my conscience. Lets face it, girls are insane. Look at us. The average teenage girl spends at least 10 hours a week (if not more) in front of the mirror. Newsflash: no one really cares what you look like except you. We make up all these false pretenses in our minds about what other people think of us, and we change ourselves so our mind tells us: "Oh yes, Susie, Jimmy likes you much more now that you wear all these expensive clothes." Boys, on the other hand, really don't give a you-know-what about what people think of them. I actually somewhat admire boys for this talent. Boys just seem to float through life, "going with the flow". Girls would never be able to do that. Everything that happens needs to be texted to your BFF or if the tiniest thing happens, it's a huge drama. And I can't lie, I'm guilty of some of these things, and I'm not saying I hate being a girl (because that's definitely not the case). I just think boys live more relaxed lives, and make them more relatable. Sorry fellow gal-pals, I've got to go with the guys on this one.

To ask if girls are better than boys or vice versa, the answer is the same. Girls, always. Girls bear the brunt of the relationship to be the perfect girlfriend or wife, they are the ones who get pregnant and have to give birth to a 7 pound human baby. No male will ever endure that type of pain (or joy for that matter). Majority of the time guys are the ones who cheat because their girlfriend or wife wasn’t good enough for them and then the girls are left heartbroken and alone. And even when girls are victimized and put through everything that could possibly happen, they come out in the end a strong woman carrying her own. Even when they are scrutinized every second of everyday, they manage to hold their heads high and have it roll right off of them. When guys are angry, they turn to violence, but women? They are always caring and understanding. They have a mother-instinct in them that helps them to be the good people they always are.

Ok guys, in the competition of who is better, boys or girls, the obvious answer is neither. The superior being is the Martian. Take the movie war of the worlds for example. In this movie the Martians brought down war ships from Mars thousands of years before the human race even existed. Then in the convenient time period of the movie Tom Cruise and his family are stuck in the middle of the Martian invasion. The Martians are clearly superior to both boys and girls. Sure they eventually die out because Earth's environment is not suitable for their lives, but the fact that they had more advanced technology than the humans have now before the humans even existed proves their dominance. In fact, I believe that the Martians only lost because it is a movie made by men and women; on Mars, the same movie is played with the alternate ending in which the Martians win. In addition, the Martians wouldn't even need to argue this gender issue as they are genderless. All in all, the Martians have clearly asserted their dominance over both men and women.

-Anonymous Journalist

Ah the age old contest of guys vs. girls. But what does boys vs. girls really mean? Maybe it would be easier to call this contest simple vs. the most complicated thing ever thought of. Or perhaps it should be called the I don't really care much about anything vs. i care too much about everything contest. In some cases, this could even be the rational vs. completely and utterly irrational contest. No matter which name one uses for the competition, there always seems to be one clear-cut victor. And this victor happens to be the: guys, simple, I don't really care much about anything, or rational. No matter what one calls them, it seems that they always win. One only has to look at the various things you could call them to see that they must be better. I mean, guys aren't really bothered by anything. They can just sit there, talking with their friends and eating anything that happens to be in the fridge, and still have a great time. On the other hand, girls have to make sure every hair is in place, every inch of skin covered in makeup, every nail polished....the list just goes on and on. When guys go out with their friends, all they have to do is throw on a t-shirt and jeans. But when a girl goes out with her friends, this story is completely different. First she has to pick the perfect outfit out of millions of other perfect outfits. Next, she has to style her hair, often times requiring quite a bit of time to straighten it. Then comes the makeup. Lastly, all of the right accessories are required. After all of this, she is finally ready to go. Took quite a bit longer than the typical guys, eh? Using these examples, as well as infinite others, it is easy to conclude that guys are better than girls.

Who is better in this world. Boys, or girls. This question is often pondered by many, many. Pondered by young children with the saying “Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.” obviously favoring the girls. This ever so profound question was also pondered by several adults in the past. Most women had no rights, and were often ridiculed or put down. But today, the answer comes very clear. Girls. Are. Better. They give birth to our babies, do most of the house hold work, and make great therapists; all of which men take for granted. And what do men do? They sit around, eat and sleep all day, and don't even TRY to help women. But I have to agree, some men are exactly the opposite, and are everything a woman could dream of, but where do you find those kind of men? Somewhere in far-far away ville where dogs and cats get along and pigs fly. Of course, no one knows where this place is, but legend has it, it's somewhere in Antarctica. It has ALSO been said, that – ok no, im getting off topic. Long story short, boys are okay, but girls are way better.

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute, in my mind this has to be the easiest question that I've ever been asked. In fact historians even say that man has ruled the earth for thousands of years, so why even pose the question which gender is better. Does anyone ever ask the question: what about men's rights? exactly. What makes man superior to females is the presence of a Y chromosome. Today there are more women than men in the world, making manhood a privilege. May I ask you, who created the government we have today? Well I can answer that for you, it was the Founding.... wait for it....Fathers, yeah that's right fathers. Who is President? Sarah Palin? No Barack Obama, a man in charge of the free world, the way it has been for over two-hundred years. Man is the essence of dominance over anything that stands in their way. Men don't dwell on their problems they fight them out till they don't matter. Through evolution men have become naturally stronger, faster, and well smarter. Who are some of the most well known historical figures... hmmm.. how about Charlemagne, Leonardo Di Vinci, Napoleon, Beethoven, Husain Bolt (not so historical) and Einstein. Men or should I say man is the most dominant creature on the planet and btw girls have coodies.

Looking at this prompt, attempting to uncover the approach that would allow me to be as non-stereotypical as possible, I thought to myself: What a ridiculous question. Natural selection has chosen two genders as the perfect amount- who am I to disagree with that? I then proceeded to give myself a biology lecture and assess all the facts of Darwinism. The polar opposites of the genders and the identical sameness prove how impossible it is to answer this question. I sat at my desk, pondering my response until a fabulous metaphor fell out of the decaying high school ceiling and permeated into my brain. Imagine you have two classes, and you have to construct a paper for both. Which paper are you going to spend more time perfecting: the paper for your favorite class, the class in which you receive straight A's, or the paper for the class you fail in, because your blood is too busy curdling in utter disgust for you to focus? You prefer to perfect the paper for the class you fail in; subsequently boosting your grade and making you appear smarter than you actually are. Place the above logic on genders: which gender spends the most time perfecting their appearance, in order to seem more attractive than they truly are? Males do not care about outwardly appearances in as much depth as females do: girls find it necessary to mask their faces with makeup, attempting to bring out their pretty eyes or cover that beauty mark. Males, understanding that real beauty is on the inside, do not dye the stubborn gray hairs, hide the purple bags under their eyes, nor feel it necessary to remove the spare tire around their waists. Males, however, greatly appreciate outer appearances and will typically fall for the pretty girl over the intellectual girl. So, which is the better gender? While females are better at seeing the inner beauty of others, they feel it necessary show outer beauty to be attractive. In order to get the outwardly attractive ladies, guys show their funny and sweet side, completely the opposite of girls. Either way, whatever your gender, you want to be loved, and I can't say that half the population is better than the other half because Charles Darwin told us we were programmed that way.

By about sixteen trillion light years girls are better than boys. Just look at the face of a boy--behind that face there is absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. There is more in a vacuum cleaner than in the brain of a boy. The scope of a boy’s brain ranges from pizza to girls but only if the girl spends her entire life looking fantastic and then back to pizza and maybe to sports and back to pizza and back to gir—no back to pizza for the rest of the day. A boy can be summed up in the single look on his idiotic face when a pizza box is opened. The odors waft up and surround him and he’ll grin like a hyena and he’ll float away in happiness. It’s as though the meaning of life were revealed to him. You could slide two boxes under his nose—one that says The Meaning of Life and the other that says Pepperoni Pizza—and tell him that he could choose only one. Is there any doubt he will lunge for the pizza box and dive into it? I’m not saying girls are great. We can be nasty to each other but at least there’s a mind behind that nastiness. Boys can be summed up in two images—a full box of pizza and an empty box of pizza. Even worse is that we girls are stuck with that gender. Let’s hope there’s life on other planets.

I would love to sit here and say either guys or girls are better but, i honestly cannot. Many factors play into this question. Overall, i would have to say guys are better. It would be so much easier to be a guy. First of all, they don;t have to worry about giving birth and all the problems that come with it. Also, girls feel the need to put extensive work into their looks to make them look put together. Hair, nails, make up, clothes... the list goes on. Although, i must say 90% of the time guys are much easier to get along with. They understand sarcasm, dont get offended as easily, joke around more, and don't feel the need to always talk about serious life problems and drama 24/7. Girls on the other hand, while they may be kind and nurturing, can be cruel and cynical. They use their looks to influence boys and get away with out paying for dinners and dates. Also, it is much easier for men to gain respect and high positions than women (female president???). Over all, i would much rather be a guy because they have it easier and are more amicable to get along with. I guess that means guys are better... but I'd never admit it.

When given the prompt to choose which gender surpasses the other, I simply could not decide. Each side plays an important role in our universe and to say that one is better than the other, or that one is not needed- is simply absurd. Especially the latter of the two. To argue that one gender is more caring or intelligent than the other would be illogical. (Though boys tend to be stronger and better at football than girls...sorry, but it's true. No matter how hard girls try to be amazing at football and say, "Jimmy, Jimmy! Pass it here!" just so when they barely catch it, they can tell all their bestest buddies that Jimmy passed a football to her in gym class and how it was so romantic, girls- you can never match up to the boys...ok, sorry. Going off on an irrelevant speech here.) Girls and boys both have their quirky annoying traits, like girls overanalyze things and guys underanalyze things, in my humble opinion, one is not better than the other. The phrase, "my other half" is really true because no gender is quite complete just by itself.

Who's better, guys or girls? I would have to say that they both have their pros and cons.Guys are much more laid back and don't take offence to every little thing. Girls, when angry at eachother, are like two vultures fighting for the last piece of food. The claws come out and there is no safe place to hide! Guys on the otherhand, punch eachother in the arm and get on with their lives like nothing ever happened."Dude, I can't believe you did that." "Dude, I'm sorry man" "It's okay, let's go eat" Plus girls are always just so obsessed with their looks and making sure they have the top fashions. They're always concerned with putting on make-up and doing their hair which just takes so much time out of the day where a guy can wake up and brush his teeth and be out the door. Girls also like to gossip about EVERYTHING having to do with ANYONE and EVERYONE. What a waste of time! Girls analyze every little thing said to them when the person who said something probably meant nothing by the comment that was made. Guys have friends all over the place and talk to everyone. They don't think about something that someone said over and over again and analyze what the person meant. They don't take offense to a joke that someone made concerning them either! But guys can't ever multi-task. They're always just thinking about food, sports, or what girl they're going out with on Friday night. And girls are the ones having the kids. Men can't handle that pain! So in reality, girls and guys are awesome and they are both needed to balance the universe.